Politics of technology research group

This research group was formed in response to the development of emerging and disruptive technologies and their increasing importance for the security and relationship between the state, society, and individuals. Artificial intelligence, big data, quantum, and other emerging and disruptive technologies are projected to have an evolutionary impact on perception of reality, social processes, and international politics. The multifaceted influence of technology already raises questions on how we perceive and analyse the boundaries of state and humanity and what kind of relations and roles of power are created by the technologies.

The research group covers interdisciplinary topics aiming to share ideas, initiate, and deepen discussions and research on the impact of technology on the various areas of the state and human life. Topics that researchers address include (but are not limited to) digital sovereignty, cyber security, artificial intelligence and international norms, autonomous weapons, surveillance technologies, technologies that complement human physical characteristics, collection and processing of personal data. The focus of the analysis is how various technologies impact the international political processes and the actions of different actors. It is expected that the activities, research and discussions of the research group will contribute to the relevance of technological and political processes in Lithuania and will also become one of the platforms for cooperation in the rapidly evolving research field.