Challenges of Russian military reform

2015 09 01–2016 11 30
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Project idea

The goal of this project is to publish two publications concerning political and social dimensions of Russian military reform and one paper about specifics of research and analysis of Russian open and public sources.
Recent Russian military reform gets a lot of a en on, however, main research is about changes in the structure of armed forces and procurement questions. In order to have a comprehensive view of this reform it is necessary to focus on domes c political and social questions too.

One of the strand of this research project and publication will be about political reaction to reform inside Russian armed forces. It would allow to have a be er understanding of Russian civil-military relations and political conditions under which this reform is happening. Second strand of the project is about relationships between Russian armed forces and society. What is the reaction of the society to this reform considering serious demographical and social crises in Russia? To what degree these challenges affects and modifies military reform?

Answers to all of these aforementioned questions would be very helpful for Lithuanian defense policy makers. I t could provide valuable insights about Russian defense politics. Finally, the last publication would be a guidelines how to work with Russian primary sources, how to detect possible manipulation of information and data. Such information is very important for improving analytical skills for anyone, working with the questions of Russian politics.