Release Peace magazine


Release Peace is an NGO based in The Hague, Netherlands. Release Peace works in the international arena on Peace, Security, and Conflict Prevention. This includes projects on the ground, focused on West Africa, and advocacy at the international level, such as with the United Nations. Release Peace also works with academic institutions, other NGOs, and think tanks. Reaching substantially beyond its core work on Peace & Conflict Prevention Release Peace has established an online magazine on a wide array of topics in international affairs that can be found here. Whether your interest lies in geopolitics, women’s empowerment, or underreported stories from countries that usually do not make it into the daily headlines: You can indulge yourself in the insightful articles of the magazine. Often shifting away from the rapid daily news cycle, the magazine seeks to provide background information and context to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Most of the magazine’s articles are written by students with Humanities or Social Sciences credentials and strong writing skills. As part of its 2022/23 editorial strategy Release Peace will establish an article series on the Central and Eastern European region (CEE). Titled “The Heart of Europe”, the series will shed light on the history, society, and geopolitics of the region. A key element of this series is to not limit itself to stories only affecting the CEE countries themselves. The role of the EU as well as outside powers like China or the US is perhaps more relevant than ever. In a new collaboration with Vilnius University students will be given the opportunity to publish articles in the magazine and get professional support from Release Peace’s editors to improve their public writing skills. It will give students a unique possibility to have published articles.