Prevention of sexual harassment

A safe environment is crucially important for the academic and social life of the community of the IIRPS VU, hence we condemn any sexual harassment in any form and we aim to ensure that every member of the community feels safe at the Institute.

If an event of sexual harassment transpires in the environment of IIRPS VU, we are to follow the values declared by the IIRPS VU and the Code of Academic Ethics of Vilnius University, and we are to immediately begin an investigation in the framework of the IIRPS VU Academic Ethics Commission.

According to the Republic of Lithuania Law on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men:

“Sexual harassment means any form of unwanted and insulting verbal, written or physical conduct of a sexual nature with a person, with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating an intimidating, hostile, humiliating or offensive environment.”

According to the information provided by Vilnius University, attributes of sexual harassment are:

  • Power disproportion between harasser and individual who is being harassed (i. e. lecturer – student; supervisor – subordinate, etc.);
  • The behavior that violates dignity, is unwanted and insulting;
  • Various unwanted actions in the following forms of sexual harassment: physical (touching, hugging, kissing), verbal (sexually suggestive remarks, jokes, insulting questions related to a private life), non-verbal (showing sexual photographs and videos, lustful staring, gestures), virtual (sending private or public messages with sexual content).

Reporting harassment or discrimination:

Were you to encounter any type of sexual harassment, please report this immediately. We understand that it may not be easy to report these kinds of situations, hence confidentiality and privacy will be ensured during the entire process. The details of the report can be disclosed only to those staff members who will be involved in the investigation if that is needed. If you encountered such a situation, please inform the Chair of the IIRPS VU Academic Ethics Commission Johanas Baltrimas (

In case of false accusations and information, an investigation will not be started.

At the Institute, we provide preventive educational meetings on sexual harassment or discrimination. We also support various students’ initiatives which are intended for talking about these questions. By doing this, we intend to encourage to contact us and report such situations, in addition, we aim to ensure that there are no such situations in our community. Please find more information on the prevention and help at Vilnius University here.

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