Dr. Deividas Šlekys

Associate professor, Researcher
Research areas
Comparative Politics and Political Sociology
International relations
Additional info

2000-2006 graduated from the Bachelor of Political Science program and Master’s program in comparative politics at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University. In 2012 defended dissertation “Military as a Forgotten Dimension of Political Theory”. In 2007-2008 he studied at the Military Studies Center at Glasgow University where he obtained his second Master’s degree.

He has been teaching at the Institute since 2007. From 2008 to 2012 he was Head of the Department of Studies at VU IIRPS. In 2010 he was elected the best lecturer at VU IIRPS.

Since March of 2013 , he is conducting a postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Lithuanian Research Council, he is conducting a scientific study “The State and Development of Military Thought in Lithuania after the Restoration of Independence (1990-2012)”.

Member of the Institute Council.

Courses taught

Sociology of War

Bachelor's Colloquium

State theories

Military Studies

Military Studies (BUS)

History and Theory of Diplomacy

Introduction to Security Studies

History of International Relations

Research interests

Problems of interaction between history and social sciences

Sociology of War

Military Studies

History of International Relations