Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University is a place where individual and joint research within the framework of international relations discipline is being carried out and evaluated; academic events and discussions on the issues of international relations are being held.

The main goal of the Department is to identify researchers of international relations who implement field research; to sustain a community of scholars and to develop an area for joint research and discussions.  Members of the Department are involved in at least one of the research groups:

  • Analysis of global political processes, environment and structures
  • International relations; international law; international political economy; international institutions; the foreign policy of great powers; the changing nature of world power; etc.
  • Area studies
  • Analysis of Russia, Europe (focusing on Eastern and Southern countries), Middle East; Eastern and Southern Asia; Latin America
  • Security and conflict studies
  • Analysis of Lithuanian foreign policy as well as its security policy

Secondly, Department seeks to promote the discipline of international relations through the communication about its research as well as discussions about contemporary processes in international area; development of separate regions; theories of international relations and possibilities of its application.

Department also contributes to strengthening and promoting Master studies in International Relations and Diplomacy and Eastern European and Russian Studies.

Main activities: 

  • Periodical scientific seminars for members of the Department
  • Initiation of joint projects
  • Conferences and public seminars
  • Policy discussions and promotion events