Dr. Margarita Šešelgytė

Associate professor
Research areas
European Studies
international relations

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Assoc. prof. Dr Margarita Šešelgytė is the Director of the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius University. Before that, Dr Margarita Šešelgytė worked as Deputy Director of Studies at Vilnius University IIRPS, Baltic Defense College (Tartu, Estonia), Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania and European Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

In 2007 Margarita Šešelgytė defended her dissertation on the common EU defense identity at the IIRPS.

Dr Šešelgytė is an Honorary Fellow at Baltic Defense College, a member at Ares Group board and member of Editorial Board of the Baltic Security and Defence Review (Baltic Defense College). Her main research interests are the EU foreign and security policy, Security and Defence Studies, International Relations, and Foreign Policy Analysis.

Courses taught

International politics

Security Studies

Introduction to Security Studies

Bachelor's Colloquium

Compulsory Practice

Research interests

EU foreign and security policy

Security Studies

International Relations Theory

Foreign Policy Analysis


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