Dr. Natalija Arlauskaitė

Professor, Research professor

Has been working at the Institute since 2010. Academic interests are interdisciplinary combining film and visual theories; critical theory and gender studies; research on the politics of historical memory and Soviet visuality; Russian Studies and Propaganda Analysis. Internship and research in New York, Constanta, Oxford, Krakow Jailsters, Tbilisi State Universities, At the Institute for the Study of Humanities at the University of Edinburgh, The Russian Museum (St. Petersburg).

Lecturer’s personal page.

Courses taught

Critical History and Theory of Media

Introduction to Critical Theory

Politics and cinema

Historical forms of memory: photography, cinema, comics

Political Photography

Visuality: practices, techniques, ideologies


Masters Colloquium

Research interests

Analysis of discourse

Studies in Historical Memory

Critical theory

Russian Studies

Soviet studies

Visuality studies