Vytis Jurkonis


2003-2009 worked in the Department of Research and Public Affairs at Vilnius University IIRPS.

2005 Graduate of the Master’s program in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Since 2007 worked at the Center for Eastern European Studies as Head of the Civil Society Development and Cooperation Unit, and from 2010 too 2012 was the head of the Policy Analysis and Research Unit.

For several years, he was a researcher of the European Foreign Policy Scorecard research conducted by the European Council on Foreign Relations in Lithuania.

Expert diploma in the field of International Missions, Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management and State Reconstruction in Conflict-Affected Countries, Institute of Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Complutencia (Madrid).

Co-founder of Vilnius Lyceum Alumni Association and VU IIRPS Student Corporation “RePublica”; Member of Lithuanian Political Science Association.

Courses taught


The art of negotiation

Research interests

Ethnic processes in Europe

Identical processes in foreign policy

International Relations Theory

Foreign Policy Analysis

Central and Eastern European Studies