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Research group on Belarus
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Comparative politics and political sociology
International relations
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From 2003 to 2009 Vytis Jukronis worked in Research and Public Affairs Department at VU TSPMI.

In 2005, he graduated from MA studies of International Relations and Diplomacy.

Since 2007, Vytis Jurkonis has worked in Eastern Europe Studies Centre as the head of Civic society development and cooperation departemnt. From 2010 to 2012 he led the department of Political analysis and research.

For a few years, Vytis Jurkonis was a researcher in Lithuania for European Foreign Policy Scorecard implemented by European Council on Foreign Relations.

Complutense University of Madrid, Law Faculty, Human Rights Institute expert’s diploma in the sphere of international missions, conflict prevention, crises management, and state response in countries affected by conflicts. In 2012, Vytis Jurkonis took part in the US Department of State fellowship “International Visitors Leadership Program”.

In 2018, Vytis Jurkonis was awarded the highest award of Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – “The Star of Lithuanian Diplomacy” and in 2021 he was elected the European of the Year.

Vytis Jurkonis is also one of the founders of Vilnius liceum alumni association and VU TSPMI students’ corporation „RePublica“; member of Lithuanian Political Science Association.

Selected conference papers

Woodrow Wilson Center, “Belarus’s Emerging Civil Society in the Time of COVID-19”, 9 Jun 2020

CEPA, “Standing Up? Belarus Ahead of the Presidential Election”, 15 Jul 2020

Science Po, “Democratisation in Belarus”, 18 Nov 2020

The New School for Social Research, “The Deep and Broad Social Dimensions of the Protests in Belarus”, 10 Nov 2020

Clingendael Institute, “Webinar: Belarus’ uncertain path ahead”, 14 Jan 2021

Courses taught

Nationalism and Ethnicity

Art of Negotiations

Research interests

Ethnic Processes in Europe

Identity Processes in Foreign Policy

International Relations Theory

Foreign Policy Analysis

Central and Eastern European Studies

Civic Activism


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