Dr. Gediminas Vitkus

Research areas
European studies
International Relations

Prof. dr. Gediminas Vitkus is with the IIRPS since 1992. 1993-1995 Deputy director for academic work of the IIRPS. 1995-1998 Director of the European Integration Studies Center. Since 1991 member of the Lithuanian Political Science Association; 2000-2001 – President of the Association. Since 1998 a member of the Center for Civic Initiatives. 2001-2013 Head and Professor of Political Science Department of the Military Academy of Lithuania. Since 2003 editor of the “Lithuanian Annual Strategic Review“. 2011-2015 Member of Committee for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Research Council of Lithuania. Since 2016 member of the Council of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.

List of professor’s publications is available at the personal website.

Courses taught

Europos integracija

Europos integracija: teorijos, institucijos ir sprendimų priėmimo procesai

Magistrinis koliokviumas

Europos Sąjungos studijų pagrindai (BUS)

Mažųjų valstybių studijos

Research interests

European integration

The Baltic states: foreign security and defence policies, relations with Russia

International recognition policies