Dr. Dovilė Jakniūnaitė


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Dr. Dovile Jakniunaite is professor at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science of Vilnius University, head of the Institute’s International Relations Department. Her main fields of expertise are foreign policy analysis, security studies, international relations theory, border studies, Russian foreign policy, conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine, EU Eastern Partnership policy.

She is the author of the books Kur prasideda ir baigiasi Rusija: kaimynystė tarptautinėje politikoje [Where Russia Begins and Ends: Neighborhood in International Relations] (2007) and Kaip tapti valstybe: sienos ir erdvės Gruzijos teritoriniuose konfliktuose [How to Become a State: Spaces and Territories in Georgian Territorial Conflicts] (2017), editor of Ambicingas dešimtmetis: Lietuvos užsienio politika 2004-2014 [An Ambitious Decade: Lithuanian Foreign Policy 2004-2014] (2015).

She works at the Institute since 2003, has had fellowships in Cracow, Creighton, Florida, Tbilisi universities, in 2017 received Vilnius University Rector’s award for yearly scientific achievements. Since 2019 she is head of the Institute’s International Relations department.

Research projects and grants

  • Research Council of Lithuania project “Mobility, Migration and the COVID-19 Epidemic: Governing Emergencies in Lithuania and Poland” (2021–2024), project leader.
  • COST Action CA17119 “ENTER: EU Foreign Policy Facing New Realities”, 2018-2022, Member of the Management Committee.
  • 2020: Bertelsmann Stiftung project “EU Survey on Whole-of-Government Approaches to External Conflict and Crisis”, project participant.
  • H2020 project “EU- STRAT: The EU and Eastern Partnership Countries: An Inside-Out Analysis and Strategic Assessment”, 2016-2019, project participant.
  • 2017: “Conceptualizing borders in 21st century: debates and practices in Central Eastern Europe”, Lithuanian Research Council, 2015-2017, project leader.
  • 2017: 7th FP Marie Curie Actions project “EU-PREACC – Possibilities and Limits, Challenges and Obstacles of Transferring CEE EU Pre-accession Best Practices and Experience to Moldova’s and Georgia’s Pre-accession Process”, 2013–2017, Vilnius University project coordinator.
  • 2015: EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms bilateral cooperation fund project “Energy security in the Baltic Sea Region: regional coordination and management of interdependencies“, 2014-2015, project coordinator.
  • 2014: Lithuanian Research Council project “Lithuanian Foreign Policy since 2004: between stability and change”, 2013-2014, project leader.

Courses taught

International Relations Theories

Foreign Policy Analysis

Power and Communication

Feminism: Texts and Practices

Introduction to Research Design

Research interests

Foreign policy analysis and identity studies

Security studies

Border studies

International relations theory

Russian identity and foreign policy

Lithuanian foreign policy

Territorial conflicts in Eastern Europe

De facto states

EU EaP policy

Theories of power

Feminist theory


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