Neringa Bladaitė

PhD Candidate
Research areas
International Relations


Neringa Bladaitė obtained a bachelor degree in history (2014) from the Faculty of History VU and graduated Master in International Relations and Diplomacy at IIRPS VU (2016).

As a PhD student, she is preparing a dissertation on the topic “What security strategies do small states need ?: Analysis and development of the ”shelter“ strategy” (supervisor assoc. prof. dr. Margarita Šešelgytė).

N. Bladaitė is also interested in risk and crisis management practices.

Research projects and grants

Small States and New Security Environment, (2017-2019), researcher. Project funded by NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme. Project co-director assoc. prof. dr. Margarita Šešelgytė.

Selected conference papers

  1. Neringa Bladaitė, “Building a Security Shelter Against Hybrid Threats and Systemic Challenges: The Case of Baltic States”. Conference: Small States and New Security Environment Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2018;
  2. Neringa Bladaitė, „Russia‘s Political Interference Activities in Latvia”. Conference: Russia‘s and China’s Political Interference Activities in NATO Small States, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, JAV, 2019;
  3. Neringa Bladaitė, “Baltic Responses to Hybrid Threats”. 49thAnnual Conference UACES  (University Association for Contemporary European Studies), University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019.

Research interests

Security studies

International relations theory

Small states studies

Foreign policy analysis


Bladaitė N., Šešelgytė M., Building a multiple “security shelter” in Baltic states after the EU and NATO accession, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol. 72, 2020, Issue - 6: Hybridisation of Political Order and Contemporary Revisionism, 1010-1032.

Šešelgytė M., Bladaitė N., „How to Defend Society?: Baltic Response to Hybrid Threats” Kng. Brady, Anne-Marie and Baldur Thorhallsson (eds.) Small States in the New Security Environment, Springer, 2021, 73-

Bladaitė N., Šešelgytė M., “A New Seurity Provider? Lithuanian-German Security Cooperation.” Kng. Andris Sprūds, Elizabete Vazgunova (sud.), Perceptions of Germany in the Security of Baltic Sea Region. Riga: Latvian Institute of International Affairs, 2018, 115-136.

Bladaitė N., „Branduolinio ginklo nenaudojimo norma ir atgrasymas: koncepcijų sąveika JAV atveju“, Politologija, 84 (4), 2016, 3-53.