Dr. Konstantinas Andrijauskas

Associate professor
Research areas
International Relations

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Associate Professor of Asian Studies and International Politics at the VU IIRPS; has been teaching at the Institute since 2010, where defended a doctoral thesis on Sino-Russian relations in 2014; formerly a senior visiting scholar at China’s Fudan (Shanghai, 2011) and Zhejiang (Hangzhou, 2013) universities as well as Columbia University (New York City, USA, 2017, Fulbright Scholar Program). Participant of academic conferences and guest lectures in numerous institutions across Europe, Asia, America and Australia; author of more than two dozen academic publications; associate expert at the Eastern Europe Studies Centre; member of the China Observers in Central and Eastern Europe multinational consortium of experts and the European Association for Chinese Studies.

Courses taught

Asia-Pacific Studies

China’s Domestic and Foreign Policies

Central Eurasia Studies

Contemporary Politics of Central Eurasian Countries and Regions

Research interests

Political systems and international relations of Asia and Post-Soviet space

China’s domestic and foreign policies

Non-European cultures


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Andrijauskas, Konstantinas (2020), “The Dragon and the Knight: China’s Growing Presence in Lithuania.” Vilnius: Eastern Europe Studies Centre.

Andrijauskas, Konstantinas (co-authored with Antanas Andrijauskas) (2018), Civilizacijos istorijos metamorfozės: komparatyvistinis požiūris į neeuropinį pasaulį. Vilnius: Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas.

Andrijauskas, Konstantinas (2016), Kinijos, Indijos ir Rusijos susidūrimas Eurazijos civilizacinėse erdvėse. Vilnius: Vilniaus universitetas.