Civil society and new forms of governance in Europe (CINEFOGO): European citizenship formation (2005–2009)

Inga Vinogradnaitė
Dovilė Jakniūnaitė
Dr. Aušra Rauličkytė
Dr. Deividas Vijeikis
Sigita Bagdonienė

Project idea

CINEFOGO Network of Excellence seeks to address the problems of European citizens participation in governing. This aim requires a new understanding of multicultural identities, active citizenship and organized civil society.
CINEFOGO is an international consortium joining more than forty universities and research institutes and public service institutions in 15 European countries and America (Cambridge and Harvard Universities including).
VU IIRPS as a partner, took part in implementation of the Work Package # 9, "e-learning" activities.
Work package is related to creation of e-learning as a strategy to overcome civic apathy and exclusion.
Training course was developed by September 1st in 2008 and has been tested at Vytautas Magnus University in 2008-2009 autumn semester.

The implementation of this work package was followed by actions carried out in 2008:
Guidelines were prepared for the training course authors - the course aims and ideology, structure, teaching methods, requirements for individual modules (guidelines were prepared by Inga Vinogradnaitė in cooperation with VMU Department of Sociology);
Preparation of three course modules (basic study material, list of literature and links, learning tasks and test tasks): Global civil society and non-state actors in world politics (Dovilė Jakniūnaitė); Active citizenship and governance: multilevel policy-making (Davidas Vijeikis), EU and the interest groups (interest groups in the EU?) (Sigita Bagdonienė);
Reviews and comments were written for four course modules: „Citizenship, civic participation and theories of civil society ", „NGO‘s organisational aspects “, „The NGO‘s human resources: leadership, volunteering and teamwork", "Cross-sectoral partnership: civil sector, business community and the state" ( Inga Vinogradnaitė).