Dr. Inga Vinogradnaitė

Associate professor, Senior researcher

Deputy Director of Science until 2019. Graduated from Bachelor of Political Science and Master’s Program in Comparative Politics at VU Institute of International Relations and Political Science. In 2005 she defended her doctoral dissertation in the field of political science “Political representation and justice: discursive analysis of the Lithuanian political imagination”.

Has been working at VU IIRPS since 1998, currently is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Theory.

Participated in the projects “Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe – The Making of European Citizenship” (Cinefogo), “Democracy in the Knowledge Society: Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities” (E-democracy) and “Politics of History as a Factor of Constructing Nation and State”.

Courses taught

Methods of policy research

Master's Colloquium

Research interests

Analysis of discourse

Historical Memory and Historical Consciousness

Political participation

Public spaces and their transformation