Project idea

The aim of this project is to prepare and publish the Anthology of Lithuania’s political thought which would include the most significant sources of Lithuania’s Political Thought since the times of the First Republic of Lithuania until the re-establishment of the independent state in 1990.
The goals of the project are such:
- to analyze and summarize Lithuania’s political thought during different historical periods, identifying the most significant and most relevant creators of Lithuania’s Political Thought and their works to the contemporary reader;
- to prepare and publish the Anthology of Lithuania’s political thought, according to the analysis made;
- to study and summarize the previous researches of Lithuania’s Political Thought;
- to gather the researchers of Lithuania’s Political Thought for organizing the series of seminars called “The Heritage of Lithuania’s Political Thought” and preparing the course for undergraduate students of political science, named “The History of Lithuania’s Political Thought”.

The Anthology of Lithuania’s Political Thought would be made of several books: 1) Lithuania’s Political Thought 1918-1940; 2) Lithuania’s Political Thought 1940-1990 (two books)