The politics of history as a source of geopolitical and geocultural identity (2012–2014)

Project idea

The goals of the projects are such:
1) To investigate and evaluate the geo-political factors (Poland, Belarus, the Russian political history, the historical discourse of the EU) of the Lithuania’s historical identity, their interactions and tensions;
2) To investigate and evaluate the interaction between the political and historical consciousness, historical memory, reconstructing the defining discourses.
The expected result of the project is to provide recommendations on public policy in the history of development, taking into account the defining historical memory by influencing the political and geopolitical factors.

The project will produce three studies:
a) The study of historical consciousness for the geopolitical context will be analyzed to assess Poland, Belarus, Russia and the EU’s conducted historical policy. The main objective of the project promoters is to evaluate the countries historical policy influence on their identities and challenges of Lithuania's political consciousness, identity and security by revealing conflicting points of design with the creation of a geopolitical and geocultural identity associating foreign policy actions.
b) The study dedicated to theoretical-normative analysis of historical consciousness. It will conceptualize the relationship between historical paradigms and theories of state according to the Lithuanian historical memory discourse analysis;
c) The final project study based on generalizations. The relationship between the historical and political consciousness, neighboring countries policies’ caused tensions, and their neutralization instruments are being conceptualized, as well as recommendations on the history of Lithuania policy are being formulated.