Lithuanian-Belarussian relations in the history of politics of Lithuania republic and Belarus republic (2013–2014)

2013 01 01–2014 12 31
Alvydas Jokubaitis
Augustė Dementavičienė
Simona Merkinaitė

Project idea

Objective: To examine the Belarusian-Lithuanian ongoing history of politics, highlighting the dominant historical narratives and defining thei interests to reveal their geopolitical and perpetuating geocultural identity, to assess their challenges in Lithuanian-Belarusian relations.
Goals of the study:
1) highlight and justify the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Republic's historic heritage in shaping the Lithuanian and Belarusian ethnic and national identities;
2) analyze the most important problems of Lithuanian-Belarusian relations of the twentieth century first half and their reflections in the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of historical policies;
3) examine the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus characteristics of political history of formation and its development;
4) develop recommendations and proposals to the Lithuanian and Belarusian Ministry of Education and other government structures, oriented to the history of its implementation on the historical truth and impartial complex in Lithuania-Belarus relations.

Participating institutions

IIRPS VU, Belarus National University