Public Election Committees in Lithuania: Between Localized Democracy and Representation

Project idea

The project aims to improve the qualifications of a researcher in the field of political representation. The researcher seeks to become an experienced researcher of social sciences, able to implement independent, high-quality scientific research, and successfully present the results to the academic community, state and non-governmental institutions and society. The researcher will strengthen her qualification as an expert of political representation while continuing the research of her PhD studies. She will also improve the competences of quantitative research methods and improve the knowledge of qualitative research. The project will provide an opportunity to present the research results in an international context, to establish cooperation with well-known researchers, which will make a significant contribution to her academic career. During the project, an empirical study will be conducted to investigate whether and how the activities of members of political parties and public election committees differ in municipal councils in Lithuania. The research results will be presented at two international conferences of social sciences and humanities, as well as in two academic articles in international peer-reviewed journals of social science.