Dr. Jogilė Ulinskaitė

Assistant Professor and Researcher

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2012-2018: PhD in Political Science, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University, Lithuania (defended in July 2018).

2010-2011: MSc in Sociology, Tilburg University (The Netherlands)

2006-2010: BA in Political Science, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Research projects and grants

Since 2021: Project leader and researcher in the research project “Post-communist Transformation as Dismantling of the Soviet Modernity Project”, Vilnius University.

Since 2020: Postdoctoral Fellowship “Public election committees in Lithuania: between localized democracy and representation of particularistic interests”, Vilnius University.

Since 2019: Researcher in the research project Lithuanian National Election Study 2020, Vilnius University

2016-2018: Junior researcher in the research project “Soviet life as oral history: challenges in memory (re)construction”, Vilnius University

2012-2015: Specialist in the research project “Invisible society of Soviet-era Lithuania: the revision of distinction between systemic and non-systemic social networks”, Vilnius University

Courses taught

Problems of modern democracy

Introduction to Political Science Research

Lithuanian Political Research: Problems of Modern Democracy

Introduction to Political Science Methods

Research interests


Political representation

Collective memory

Post-communist transformation


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