Students’ research. The DNA of Seimas Promises: What and Why did Single-Mandate Constituency Candidates Promise and How Successful Will They Be in the Implementation of their Promises?

Project idea

This project seeks to improve the student’s competencies in the field of (post)electoral research, creating and (or) enhancing an instrument to assess the potential of promises made by members of Seimas, elected in single-mandate constituencies. This project will implement a qualitative analysis of promises made by single-mandate constituency members of Seimas, as well as quantitative data analysis, employing data processing software (SPSS, R Studio, etc.), and, finally, will formulate conclusions. These activities are meant to improve the method of analysis of political promises, to review the already collected data and to contribute to the research in the field of (post)electoral studies and public policy by enhancing the understanding about Lithuanian electoral system and the role of single-mandate constituency members of parliament in it.