COST project “The actual voter: the electoral democracy’s analytic strategy, including continental West, South and East” (2009-2013)

Project idea

The main purpose of the project is to improve the material assumptions and scientific expertise of analysis of efficiency of electoral democracy in Europe. These assumptions will be enhanced by identifying and integrating the national electoral behavior databases.
Research objectives:
1) to overview countries of different electoral behavior research tradition, to identify and compare research results and strategies;
2) to assess the comparability of national election surveys;
3) to develop a unified theoretical model of electoral behavior and the research program.

Expected results of the research:
1) A common database which would include data from all COST countries' national election surveys.
2) Annual Winter School where up to 30 young scientists from COST countries would receive methodological training on electoral conduct for a comparative analysis.
3) The annual scientific conference.
4) Two scientific monographs published by the prestigious publishing house and scholarly articles in refereed scientific journals.