Students’ research. The concept of monadic identity in the philosophy of G. W. Leibniz

1 July 2022 – 31 August 2022
Neda Slausgalvytė

Project idea

The project aims to clarify how the monadic identity is defined in Leibniz's philosophy. Given the nature of monism found here – that the Monads are ascribed the same qualitative nature, but quantitative diversity also appears as a necessity – it is sought to uncover the content on which such quantitative diversity can be created. Considering the nature of modal metaphysics and the isolation of the Monad in relation to the outside, the key question posed in the project is: how can the contents of the outside world be productively (even more so, indispensably) involved in the definition of the identity of the Monad, if the aim is to maintain it as substantively autonomous in relation to the outside itself? The discovery of the answer, it is expected, will not only contribute to the limited research on Leibniz's philosophy but, by clarifying the concepts Leibniz uses to discuss the monadic identity, it will also be useful for further research, which focuses mainly on the notion of subjectivity found in Kant's philosophy.