Lithuania in the North Atlantic treaty organisation: achievements, failures and prospects (2010)

Dovilė Jakniūnaitė
Dr. Kęstutis Paulauskas
2010 09-12

Project idea

Lithuanian membership in the Alliance gradually becomes the matter-of-course: the long and fairly difficult road to membership is left behind and today lithuanian academia, politicians and media hardly discuss in public either Lithuanian actions in NATO, or the evolution of NATO itself.

More than 10 years have passed since the last significant Lithuanian publication on NATO. The forthcoming Lisbon summit during which the new NATO strategic concept is to be adopted makes the great occasion for reviving public and academic debates on NATO, its place in Lithuanian security policy and Lithuanian role in the Alliance. To this end the collection of papers by Lithuanian scientists, diplomats, officers, officials of the MFA and MND who were contributing to Lithuanian NATO memebership is being compiled. The book will be published in Lithuanian and English. The concise editions of these papers will appear on Lithuanian news website from September to November. Finally, the round-table discussion will be held in late November just before the Lisbon Summit.

Participating institutions