Public Administration and Policy Analysis Center

The Public Administration and Policy Analysis Center was established in 2007. The Center brings together IIRPS researchers and various students working in the field of public administration and public policy. This Center conducts research in all areas of the discipline: public administration, public policy process and public policy analysis. Public administration and policy analysis discipline from other disciplines of political science is distinguished by interdisciplinarity, and close ties with representatives of various stakeholders (decision-makers, public administration practitioners or social partners).

The main tasks of the Center are:

  • To carry out significant research in the areas of public administration, public policy process and public policy analysis, creating new scientific knowledge and high scientific results together with researchers of Lithuanian and foreign science centres;
  • To spread research results to both the national and international academic community through participation in various scientific networks (EGPA, NISPAcee, IPPA, etc.), in events and projects, in cooperation with representatives of the various stakeholder groups;
  • To educate public policy analysis researchers, involving the IIRPS Public Policy Analysis Program and other students in the research conducted by the Center’s researchers, with the participation of the IIRPS doctoral studies process.

The Center’s representatives participated in various research activities, including Lithuanian Science Council (LSC) funded research “Trends in the structure and activity of the Lithuanian governance institutions”, “Priorities of the Lithuanian Government’s activity: implementation process and results”, “Good governance and trust in the authorities in creating a welfare society in Lithuania”, “Impact of Sunset Commission’s recommendations on Lithuanian Public Management Policy 1999-2016” and “Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lithuania and other EU Member States: an Impact on Public Policy and the Management of the Emergency Situation (COPOVAL)“. Currently the Center’s researchers are working on projects “Resilience of welfare state institutions in Lithuania: the influence of significant events on adapting to systemic threats during 2004–2020” and “The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Innovativeness of Lithuanian Public Sector“.