Dr. Vitalis Nakrošis


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Graduate of Bachelor of Political Science program, VU IIRPS, 1997. Master of Political Transition Economy (with distinction), London School of Economics 1998. In 2004 he received a PhD in Social Sciences from Vilnius University.

Lecturer at the VU IIRPS since 1998. Since 2011 Professor at the IIRPS. Member of the IIRPS Council. Former member of the European Union Studies Association, the Lithuanian Political Science Association and the International Public Policy Association. Participates in ECPR, EGPA and NISPAcee networks.

Vitalis is also a research and advice director at the Public Policy and Management Institute (Vilnius, Lithuania). He previously worked for the Ministry of Public Administration Reforms and Local Authorities (1997, 1998-99), the National Regional Development Agency (2000-03).

Vitalis Nakrošis received the Alena Brunovska Award for the year 2015 from the NISPAcee network for excellence in public administration and an outstanding performance.

Selected research projects and grants

Resilience of welfare state institutions in Lithuania: the influence of significant events on adapting to systemic threats during 2004–2020, Research Council of Lithuania (2021-2022), project leader.

Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Lithuania and other EU Member States: an Impact on Public Policy and the Management of the Emergency Situation (COPOVAL), Research Council of Lithuania (2020), project leader.

Good governance and trust in public institutions while building welfare society in Lithuania, Research Council of Lithuania (2015-2017), project leader.

Priorities of activities of the Lithuanian Government: process of implementation and its results, Research Council of Lithuania (2014-2015), project leader.

COST project No. IS1207 „Reforms of local public sector“, COST (2013-2017 m.), member of steering committee.

Courses taught

Comparative Public Administration

Master's Colloquium

Public Policy and Policy Analysis

Research interests

Public administration reforms

Public sector organizations

Evaluation and analysis of public policy


R. Bortkevičiūtė, P. Kalkytė, V. Kuokštis, V. Nakrošis, I. Patkauskaitė-Tiuchtienė, R. Vilpišauskas, Nuo greitų pergalių prie skaudžių pralaimėjimų: Lietuvos viešosios politikos atsakas į COVID-19 pandemiją ir šios krizės valdymas 2020 m. Vilnius: Vilnius universiteto leidykla, 2021 m.

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