Rasa Bortkevičiūtė

Research areas
Public administration

Rasa Bortkevičiūtė obtained a bachelor degree of Political Science (2017) and graduated with Magna Cum Laude Diploma in Public Policy Analysis at VU IIRPS in 2019. During the study period she took place in exchange program and studied in Bremen (Germany) and Utrecht (Netherlands). The results of researches were presented at international NISPAcee and EGPA conferences in 2019.

As a PhD student, she is preparing a dissertation on the influence of autonomy and control on the impact of advisory bodies on public policy (supervisor prof. Vitalis Nakrošis) since 2019

Research interests

Evidence based governance

Participation in the governance

Cultural policies and museums governance


Bortkevičiūtė, R., Nakrošis, V. (2019). Public Online Consultation in Lithuania: Declaring Openness or Empowering Citizens? The paper is a part of TROPICO project and was approved for the 2019 EGPA Conference, September 2019

Bortkevičiūtė, R., Nakrošis, V. (2018). Did the Sunset of Bureaucracy Occur in Lithuania? The Impact of Recommendations Provided by the Sunset Commissions on Public Management Policy in 1999-2016. Politologija, 92(4).

Bortkevičiūtė, R. (2017). Lithuanian Museum Governance: a Pathway Toward the Modern Museum. Politologija, 88(4).