End of Party Democracy? Political Representation and Ideologies

Original title: Partinės demokratijos pabaiga? Politinis atstovavimas ir ideologijos

Publishing date: 2009

Publisher: Versus Aureus

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 350



The book is aimed at a careful and systematic examination of the situation of party democracy in Lithuania and responding to the question whether a healthy party democracy is possible in Lithuania taking into account democratic processes in post-industrial countries and post-communist social context. An attempt is made to question stereotypical beliefs and respond to questions whether and why the ideological identity of parties is necessary for successful functioning of democracy, what place parties take in the theory of democracy, whether Lithuanian parties are really as worthless as it is usually thought and if yes what are the reasons for that rather than scold and blame parties for not performing their functions.


Cituoti kaip: Ramonaitė, A. et al. (2009) Partinės demokratijos pabaiga? Politinis atstovavimas ir ideologijos. Vilnius: Versus Aureus.