Rosita Garškaitė

PhD candidate, Teaching Assistant
Research areas
Comparative Politics and Political Sociology

2012 Rosita Garškaitė graduated from Bachelor of Political Science at Vilnius University, IIRPS, 2014 obtained a Magna Cum Laude diploma in Comparative Politics, In spring 2011, she undertook an internship at the Lyon Institute of Political Science (France).

Starting in 2018 She is studying for a PhD, and is preparing a dissertation on the influence of Catholicism on Europeanism (supervised by Dr. Inga Vinogradnaitė).

Research interests

Sociology of Politics

Sociology of Religion

Social Teaching of the Catholic Church


„Europos vienybė Oskaro Milašiaus supratimu – poeto politinės įžvalgos“, Politologija, 3 (75), 28-57, 2014.