Ideas, Interests, and Images in Politics: How Does a Lithuanian Voter Make a Choice?

Dr. Mažvydas Jastramskis
Jūratė Kavaliauskaitė
Dr. Ainė Ramonaitė
Laima Nevinskaitė
Rūta Žiliukaitė

Original title: Kaip renkasi Lietuvos rinkėjai? Idėjos, interesai ir įvaizdžiai politikoje

Publishing date: 2014

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 308



This book is the first publication that aims to consistently and comprehensively analyze how Lithuanian people have voted during the first two decades of Lithuanian independence. Its goal is to explain how Lithuanians vote and what determines their choice. The study is based on rich data from Lithuanian national electoral survey of 2012 and earlier. This book is intended not only for scholars and students but also for politicians, journalists and the society, interested in the political processes of Lithuania.


Cite as: Jastramskis, M., Kavaliauskaitė, J., Nevinskaitė, L., Ramonaitė, A., Žiliukaitė, R. (2014) Kaip renkasi Lietuvos rinkėjai?: idėjos, interesai ir įvaizdžiai politikoje. Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.

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