Dr. Vilius Mačkinis

Teaching Assistant
Research areas
European Studies
Political Theory
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Graduated from Vilnius University IIRPS Bachelor of Political Science in 2008. Later he studied International Masters in Economics and Society (IMESS) with a refresher to East Central Europe. The program specialized in the study of history, nation and society in Eastern and Central Europe. In 2010 received Master’s degrees at University College London (UCL) and Charles University in Prague (Univerzita Karlova v Praze). \

Since 2011 Vilius studied at the Doctoral Program in Political Science at the IIRPS. On June 21 2019 defended his dissertation “Traditions and Reforms: Influence of Enlightenment on Political Thinking in Lithuania” (supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vladas Sirutavičius)


Courses taught

Search and Research: Methods and Approaches in Political Science

Inventing Eastern Europe: Explorations of the European East

Bachelor's Colloquium

History of Lithuanian Political Thought

Master's Colloquium

International relations and their theories

Research interests

History of ideas

Problems of interaction between history and social sciences

Constructivist analysis of international relations

Central and Eastern European Studies