Valda Budreckaitė

PhD Student, Research Assistant


Valda Budreckaitė received master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at IIRPS VU. She started her PhD program at IIRPS VU in 2019 and is currently working under the supervision of prof. Ainė Ramonaitė (a preliminary topic of her dissertation is “The Post-Soviet Period in Lithuania as a Cultural Trauma: Experiences of Sociopolitical Transformations and Their Reflections in Political Attitudes of the Residents of Lithuania”).

Research projects and grants

Since 2021: junior researcher in the research project “Post-communist Transformation as Dismantling of the Soviet Modernity Project”, Research Council of Lithuania, Vilnius University.

Selected conference papers

  1. „Hope in Post-Communist Politics: Stasys Lozoraitis Jr. as President of Hope.“ Deep Transformations: Emotional Experiences in the Post-Communist Change,  IIRPS VU, Vilnius, 2020.
  2. „The Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence in the US Press in 1990.“ Baltic Heritage Network Conference 2015: Tracing the Baltic Road to Independence in Diaspora Archives, The Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga, 2015.

Research interests

Postsocialist transformation

Collective memory

Cultural trauma

Diaspora diplomacy


„The Restoration of Lihuania’s Independence in the US Press in 1990.“ Kn. Kristīne Beķere (sud.), Tracing the Baltic Road to Independence in Diaspora Archives. Riga: LZA Baltijas stratēģisko pētījumu centrs, 2015, 51-57.