Paulius Vijeikis

Specialist in a project

In 2021, Paulius Vijeikis received a BA degree in Political Science at the IIRPS VU. Since 2021 he is a communication specialist at the IIRPS VU, Research and Public Affairs Department.

Since 2018: a member of Students’ Scientific Society at the IIRPS VU. 2019-2020 the Chair. Since 2020: a Council member, responsible for scientific cooperation of students and researchers.  

Since 2018: a member of St. Thomas More club. 

Research projects and grants

2021: project specialist in the research project “Post-communist Transformation as Dismantling of the Soviet Modernity Project”, Vilnius University. 

2020: laboratory assistant, responsible for the administration of, in the research project Lithuanian National Election Study 2020, Vilnius University. 


Research interests

Post-communist transformation