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Anna Vinkele

Eastern Europe and Russian Studies student

How did you find out about Eastern Europe and Russian Studies?

From the Vilnius University website. I was looking for an interesting master’s to do here and the program seemed like the right choice.

You have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sussex. Studying at IIRPS VU is quite a change from that field. How did you decide to study a politics-oriented master’s program?

I was interested to see how I could combine my knowledge of the arts with politics, and whether I could find a more tangible way of creating political change with art.

How are you dealing with online learning? Is it a challenge?

It can be quite difficult to concentrate at times, and the occasional technical problems are very annoying. However, I do enjoy how much time I save with online learning.

Have you started thinking about what your masters thesis will be? If so, can you tell us a little bit about it?

I am thinking about exploring cultural diplomacy in the Baltic states.

Finally, everyone is going through a rough time right now, do you have any words of encouragement to the community of IIRPS VU?

Keep a safe distance, but don’t forget to socialise with your friends online! Go for a walk, pick up a new skill, and keep your eye on the prize. We will get through this, one way or another!