Project idea

The aim of the research will be to analyze how the tasks of the Lithuanian national security and military strategies for the formation and establishment of the armed forces are implemented on a tactical practical level. As the topic of defense becomes more and more relevant in both national and international contexts, there is a parallel need for more qualitative and quantitative research, not only analytically reviewing the situation but also revealing the current situation in detail, proposing new solutions. This project will reveal not only the process of implementation of strategic goals and objectives for the military forces, but also identify challenges, problems and good practices. The aim of the project is to develop and improve the student's scientific competence through practical scientific activities that will contribute to the development of the discipline of military studies in Lithuania and better research and understanding of the country's military forces. In preparing the research paper, a review of the military study literature would be performed first. Depending on the idea of the research, a lot of attention will be paid to the review of the latest scientific works in the sociology of war and the theory of war. Particular attention will be paid to primary sources: analysis of Lithuanian, NATO and US military documents (strategies, doctrines, tactical manuals and statutes). The reviews of these sources will form a research model that will be applied in the field research. The study will be conducted using the observation method. Military training and exercises of tactical units of a specific country's Land Forces Battalion will be monitored. The purpose of field research is to gather material and information that would allow to assess how the strategic goals of national security are being realized in the lowest military units.