A position for a postdoctoral fellowship at IIRPS VU is available!

A position for a postdoctoral fellowship at IIRPS VU is available!

We would like to inform you that a position for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institute of International Relations and Political Sciences, Vilnius University (IIRPS VU)  is available.  We invite talented and motivated researchers to enrol in Postdoc Fellowships at Vilnius University.

The goal of Postdoc Fellowships is to promote innovative research, to provide young researchers with the opportunity to develop their own academic career and to become a part of Vilnius University academic community.

About the project

As current research into the issues of leadership show (mainly done in the US and other countries already advanced in the field) leadership as the action which involves systemic actors and emphasises postulation of the common goal as well as identification of required changes together with diagnosing value based differences between the systemic actors and required skills to rally them for the common cause, remains sporadic and risky activity, especially in politics. Incentives to please the voters usually are more important than rallying and inclusion of the varying societal groups holding different values and attitudes towards required changes. Growing societal polarisation in the West and frequent discussions about the gap between elites and the rest of the society indicate the need for leadership as a rallying action.

The need of research into the exercise of leadership is determined by the need to look for new ways on how to remain and prosper in a world of constant uncertainty. These tendencies are reflected in the academic research into changes of public policy, which trough modelling of reform processes and conditions of their success emphasise the need to think over the interaction of structural and agency factors and inclusion of the new variables. However, despite the inclusion of the leadership factor, the factor itself remains not researched comprehensively and unexplained, indicating the need for the systematic and reliable knowledge about the leadership and its prerequisites.

Enquiries regarding this position should be addressed to prof. Vitalis Nakrošis by email vitalis.nakrosis@tspmi.vu.lt.

A successful candidate will have:

• PhD degree (or Master‘s degree) in political science, economics, public policy, public administration, business management or a related field.
• Strong understanding of and interest in public policy analysis, public administration and/or leadership in the public sector.
• Excellent analytical skills.
• Knowledge of and experience in applying standard methods of social science research.
• Good academic writing skills.
• Command of Lithuanian.

The following will be considered an asset:
• Excellent command of English.
• Previous experience in international research projects.
• Publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

Applications deadline is March 17, 2019, at 11:59 PM Local Time.

Applicants – researchers with a doctoral degree awarded by a foreign or other (non-University) Lithuanian research and higher education institution. The researchers must hold the doctoral degree no longer than 5 years from the day that a degree was awarded (the period during which the person was granted pregnancy and childbirth, paternity and childcare leave is not included in this 5-year period) or should have completed his / her PhD before the beginning of employment.

Procedure for submitting postdoctoral research fellow applications (hereinafter – Applications).
Applicants must complete an Application for a Postgraduate Fellowship at Vilnius University (Annex 2 to the Procedure).
The application should include:
1. A free-form CV covering personal and research activities, including contact details of 1 to 3 researchers who would act as references for your postdoctoral fellowship application.
2. List of scientific publications and (or) patents (please list up to 10 of the most significant publications).
3. Copy of PhD diploma (may be presented after the defence of the PhD thesis if not applicable at the time of submission of application).

The application and all the additional application documents (signed by the applicant and scanned) should be submitted by e-mail postdoc@cr.vu.lt.
The applicant may submit only one application.

You can find more information here.