Vicious Circle? Return and Repeated Migration of Lithuanians

Original title: Užburtas ratas? Lietuvos gyventojų grįžtamoji ir pakartotinė migracija

Publishing date: 2012

Publisher: Vaga

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 368



The book analyses tendencies (scope, structure) of return and repeated migration of Lithuanian residents as well as factors encouraging or restricting migration. With regard to human resources, the book seeks to identify skills and knowledge emigrants gain abroad and whether this experience helps them find a well paid job on their return to Lithuania. The book also analyses the role the state and mass media has when encouraging the integration of people returning to Lithuania. The last section of the book reviews the key conclusions of the research and submits proposals for public politics by highlighting that the state should form and implement a national human resources policy instead of conducting a narrow migration policy [excerpt].


Cite as: Barcevičius, E. et al. (2012) Užburtas ratas?: Lietuvos gyventojų grįžtamoji ir pakartotinė migracija. Vilnius: Vaga.