Nation, Challenges, Morality: Between Communism and Democracy

Original title: Tauta, išbandymai, dorovė: tarp komunizmo ir demokratijos

Publishing date: 2011

Publisher: Naujasis Židinys-Aidai

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 344



“We have associative duties because we are evaluating beings – and not only in the sense that people tend to think about some things as valuable and some as not (for example, someone might value beer while someone else may prefer music). In fact, we would be a different kind of creatures – or at least our life would change dramatically – if we didn’t value children, friends, our homeland, if relations with them didn’t have a role in our lives, if an understanding of seeing one’s wife or a friend wasn’t an incentive to act in one way or another, if we were indifferent to these bond and relationships. Just try to imagine how your life would change if you not only didn’t value and cherish that which is important to you but also didn’t value anything at all and there weren’t any people or projects you prioritized, if you treated everything and everyone equally? What would you do you when you wake up in the morning then?” [Excerpt from the publication. Source:]


Cite as: Girnius, K. K. (2011 ) Tauta, išbandymai, dorovė: tarp komunizmo ir demokratijos. Vilnius: Naujasis Židinys-Aidai.

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