Strategic Management in Lithuania: Do We Have a Results-oriented Government?

Original title: Strateginis valdymas Lietuvoje: ar turime rezultatų vyriausybę?

Publishing date: 2008

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 78



The book focuses on performance management in Lithuania. The performance of the Lithuanian Government is diverse at both the EU and national level. In 2006 Lithuania recorded one of the smallest deficits of transposition of EU directives affecting the internal market among 25 EU Member States. However, it unevenly used EU support during the 2004–2006 programming period. Lithuania’s progress in implementing the Lisbon Strategy is rather poor: at the end of 2006 the European Commission evaluated that “the majority of measures are still at the conceptual stage of implementation, and many implementation works are outstanding”, whereas at the end of 2007 – “the pace of progress seems to have slowed down in recent years”. At the national level Lithuanian ministries mainly exceed the annual plans of product criteria. However, the fact that there are no positive changes at the level of effects that measure the strategic goals of institutions means that the activities of ministries have brought only partial benefit to citizens so far. In general, the overall trust in the Government is relatively low. The quality of certain key public services is particularly low in Lithuania. According to one independent assessment, the Lithuanian health care system is one of the least customer-friendly among the EU Member States and Switzerland. The overview of achievements of the Lithuanian Government of 2006 shows rather successful performance at the lower level (inputs, products) yet rather unsuccessful at the upper level (after-effects). The book also gives short- and medium-term recommendations for the completion of the performance management reform in Lithuania.


Cite as: Nakrošis, V. (2008) Strateginis valdymas Lietuvoje: ar turime rezultatų vyriausybę? Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.