Scenarios of Russia’s Development: Implications for the Lithuanian and Regional Security

Dr. Tomas Janeliūnas
Dr. Laurynas Jonavičius
Linas Kojala
Dr. Vilius Ivanauskas
Dr. Gražvydas Jasutis
Dr. Laurynas Kasčiūnas
Vytautas Keršanskas

Original title: Rusijos raidos scenarijai: implikacijos Lietuvos ir regiono saugumui

Publishing date: 2016

Publisher: Aukso žuvys

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 319



This monograph thoroughly answers the essential questions regarding the security of Lithuania (and other Baltic states): how the interior politics of Russia affects its foreign policy, what external and internal aspects determine the priorities of Russian foreign and security policies, which ideological contents serve as a basis for Kremlin’s international actions, what role hypermilitarized Kaliningrad area and closely militarily integrated Belarus carry out in Russian security strategy regarding the Baltic states, and, finally, what are the possible scenarios of Russian politics towards the Baltic states.


Cite as: Ivanauskas, V. et al. (2016) Rusijos raidos scenarijai: implikacijos Lietuvos ir regiono saugumui. Vilnius: Aukso žuvys.

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