Political Anatomy of Post-Soviet Lithuania

Original title: Posovietinės Lietuvos politinė anatomija

Publishing date: 2007

Publisher: Versus Aureus

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 184



The book studies the socio-political structure of the society of the post-Soviet Lithuania and searches for the most important factors, determining the differences in Lithuanian people political thinking, attitudes towards the state and voting patterns. Referring to the plentiful quantitative and qualitative studies, the motives for political attitudes and political behaviour of the society are analyzed and the reasons for political alienation are examined. The book is dedicated not only to specialists and students of political sciences, sociology or other social sciences, but also to politicians, political analysts, observers, commentators and reviewers, as well as to the general public, taking interest in the political processes and the state of democracy in Lithuania.


Cite as: Ramonaitė, A. (2007) Posovietinės Lietuvos politinė anatomija. Vilnius: Versus aureus.