Policy Implementation in Lithuania and the Influence of the European Union

Original title: Politikos įgyvendinimas Lietuvoje ir Europos Sąjungos įtaka

Publishing date: 2003

Publisher: Eugrimas

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 210



This book has a clear goal to show what determines the success of policy implementation and to provide recommendations for the eradication of reasons for unsuccessful policy implementation. Inappropriate implementation is damaging to the society in terms of economic and political trust in democratic institutions. However, the authors do not limit themselves to normative analysis that is usual to most of the policy implementation works. This book seeks to fill the gap of policy implementation research and to take a little step towards the integration of the study fields of “transition” reforms, political analysis and the EU impact on candidate states. In other words, this book not only reveals what causes inappropriate or unsuccessful implementation of political decisions in Lithuania but also analyses how policy implementation is determined by the specific environment of reforms in Lithuania during the last 12 years and the EU accession process. [Excerpt]


Cite as: Vilpišauskas, R., Nakrošis, V. (2003) Politikos įgyvendinimas Lietuvoje ir Europos Sąjungos įtaka. Vilnius: Eugrimas.