Lithuanian Economy on the Road to Tomorrow. Comments on the Economic Policies

Dr. Jonas Čičinskas

Original title: Lietuvos ūkis kelyje į rytdieną. Ekonominės politikos komentarai.

Publishing date: 2009

Publisher: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 390



In a civilized society, the state mediates the implementation of the market mechanisms. It formalizes the market processes through rules (mostly – legal norms), undertakes measures to prevent the market pathologies (so called market failures) from prominent manifestation as well as tries to improve or even stand in for it, however, not necessarily always succeeding. There is no state without an effuse economic policy turning into an increasingly popular object of public discussions and interest. The articles of this book are devoted to this topic. Decisions and projects of the economic policy are commented by using the arsenal of economic theory and the right of a citizen to get involved in the deliberations of public affairs. The majority of these articles discuss the economic issues of Lithuania. Some of them are devoted to the economic processes and initiatives throughout the European Union. Also, there are comments on the development of global economy. Issues being examined pertain to the development of economy in 2006–2008, i. e., the period when the economy of the world, Europe and Lithuania deviated from the optimistic development trends towards the greatest post-war crisis. The statements and conclusions provided in the book will support the opinion of some or might outrage the others for contradicting their opinion. In both cases, the comments will fulfill their function – to draw attention to the realities of our economic life, to encourage to think of them more frequently and, going further into the matter, to encourage those who think similarly to the author. The science of economics does not have final answers to many questions and perhaps it never will. After all, this science is concerned with the activity of humans and not machines.


Cite as: Čičinskas, J. (2009) Lietuvos ūkis kelyje į rytdieną. Ekonominės politikos komentarai. Vilnius: Vilniaus universiteto leidykla.