Something Very Real. The Stories of the Contentious Soviet Era Society

Dr. Ainė Ramonaitė
Jūratė Kavaliauskaitė
Dr. Valdemaras Klumbys

Original title: Kažkas tokio labai tikro. Nepaklusnios sovietmečio visuomenės istorijos

Publishing date: 2015

Publisher: Aukso žuvys

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 479



This book is dedicated to a wide audience – historians, writers, art researchers, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, political scientists, psychologists, and the society in general. Every reader will find a cut of their interest in this book: some may look for the information on the tactics of underground activities, others may be interested in legendary personalities of the contentious Soviet era society, and search for the testimonies about the collusions with the system or the genesis of an alternative political thought. Finally, some might read this book as a novel full of dramatic experiences, thriller-like adventures, and deep worldview reflections.


Cite as: Ramonaitė, A., Kavaliauskaitė, J., Klumbys, V. (sud.) (2015) Kažkas tokio labai tikro. Nepaklusnios sovietmečio visuomenės istorijos. Vilnius: Aukso žuvys.

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