European Integration: Baltic States and the European Union

Original title: Integracija Europoje: Baltijos šalys ir Europos Sąjunga

Publishing date: 2001

Publisher: Arlila

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 158



This research of R. Vilpišauskas is the first to sum up the tri-party integration of the Baltic states, its efforts and failures in building the foundations for real cooperation. This study, based on numerous works of Lithuanian and foreign authors as well as archival material, analyzes what real agreements were reached in building the foundation for tri-party integration. On the other hand, the policies of separate states are also assessed. The book looks for the answer as to why so many obstacles for strengthening this cooperation arose already in its initial years .


Cite as: Vilpišauskas, R. (2001) Integracija Europoje: Baltijos šalys ir Europos Sąjunga. Vilnius: Arlila.