A Philosopher Blames Scientists. What is Wrong with Political Science?

Original title: Filosofas kaltina mokslininkus. Arba kas blogai su politikos mokslu?

Publishing date: 2016

Publisher: Naujasis židinys-Aidai

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 216



The book is a fresh, relevant and provocative look into the worldview created by the natural sciences that is expanding to other areas of science and human experience. It analyzes the philosophy behind the modern political science, its features, and premises. It is a fundamental and vibrant polemical questioning of political science. Is political science really just a neutral instrument of knowledge? How is political science changing the understanding of politics? What concept of politics is political science creating? This critique is productive contribution to the development of social and humanitarian sciences in Lithuania. The book is relevant not only to political scientists – it also allows to understand the nature of humanities and social science.


Cite as: Jokubaitis, A. (2016) Filosofas kaltina mokslininkus: arba kas blogai su politikos mokslu? Vilnius: Naujasis židinys-Aidai.

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