Grybauskaitė’s Doctrine: Changes in Lithuanian Foreign Policy 2009-2019

Original title: D. Grybauskaitės doktrina: Lietuvos užsienio politikos kaita 2009 – 2019 m.

Publishing date: 2019

Publisher: Eugrimas

Language: Lithuanian

Pages: 335



What had been the actual cause of Dalia Grybauskaitė‘s anger which led her to cut off direct contacts with leaders of Poland? Why the foreign minister Linas Linkevičius had to cancel the previous instruction on how to vote in the United Nations on the status of Jerusaleum? In this book you will discover the untold stories from the backstage of Lithuanian foreign politics of the latter decade as well as elaborate first-hand explanations on why the President acted the way no other former leader had dared to before her. In international politics D. Grybauskaitė did not fear to doubt the old truths or to risk and she was open about her opinion – the President had her own system of values and principles that can be called “The Grybauskaitė doctrine”. [Source].


Cite as: Janeliūnas, T. (2019) D. Grybauskaitės doktrina: Lietuvos užsienio politikos kaita 2009-2019 m. Vilnius: Eugrimas.

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