Public Lecture by prof. Motohiro Tsuchiya “Japan’s Response to Cyber Threats”

Institute of International Relations ant Political Science of Vilnius University together with Embassy of Japan in Vilnius invite to the lecture by professor of Keio University Motohiro Tsuchiya “Japan’s Response to Cyber Threats”.

Cyber threats are “Clear and Present Danger.” We hear news of cyber attacks almost every day. Military forces, governments, private sectors, and even individuals are now targets of cyber attacks. It is not an exception for Japan, where is located in the world’s wildest cyber region – East Asia. The Japanese Diet passed the “Cyber Security Basic Act” in 2014 and the Government of Japan published its new “Cyber Security Strategy” in 2015. Tokyo will host Olympic Games in 2020. It is one of the highest priorities for Japanese cyber security preparation. This talk will review famous cyber incidents in East Asia and consider possible ways to defend us and to contribute to the peace and security of Asia Pacific region.

Date: Monday, September 19
Time: 10 a.m.
Place: IIRPS VU, room 402
Topic: Japans’s Response to Cyber Threats