Prof. Marta Dyczok: “Ukraine crisis: Media Representations in the Context of Information Warfare“

Prof. Marta Dyczok, a graduate of London School of Economics and Oxford University, specializes on the topics of East Central Europe with a high focus on Ukraine. In the year 2000 she defended a doctor thesis “The Grand Alliance and Ukrainian Refugees”. Professor has written about the media wars in the context of crisis in Ukraine, different media narratives and their impact on crisis and its representations.

On November 9th, prof. Marta Dyczok will visit IIRPS VU and will deliver a lecture “Ukraine crisis: Media Representations in the Context of Information Warfare” (Lecture starts 12.00, room 402).

Ukraine was all over the international headlines from the end of 2013 through summer 2014. The fast changing, complex story was usually narrated through rather simple frames and the greatest attention was devoted to issues with international significance. As the war in eastern Ukraine became protracted and Russia showed no signs of reversing its annexation of Crimea, the story began slipping from the international news. Although the scope and intensity of coverage changed over time, competing narratives and a variety of representations were visible in media reports throughout. This is due to the nature of how the global media system functions, the initial effectiveness of Russia’s information machine, and the sometimes mixed messages coming out of Ukraine.

It will be also attended by Dr. Nerijus Maliukevičius, an expert on information warfare.