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Eastern European and Russian studies. Join the hub of Eastern Europe experts!


Join MA programme of Eastern European and Russian Studies (EERS) and explore the region from the base of cosy modern Vilnius! 

EERS is the home of a lively hub of field experts and practitioners offering you the opportunity to build a first-hand experience of Eastern Europe regional specifics by studying in one of the leading research institutions in the region. The summary about the program in PDF.

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Public Lecture by Sir Malcolm Rifkind "British Foreign Policy after Brexit"

2016-08-22 Institute News

Sir M. Rifkind who has served at the forefront of British politics for almost forty years will give a lecture of the future of British foreign policy after Brexit. This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet and discuss with a well-known British politician who was Foreign Minister and Minister of Defence as well as having served in other ministries in the governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Sir M. Rifkind during his lecture will speak on the future of British foreign policy, on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union and NATO and on Britain’s relationship with the Baltic States.

Public Lecture by prof. Motohiro Tsuchiya "Japan's Response to Cyber Threats"

2016-08-25 Institute News

Institute of International Relations ant Political Science of Vilnius University together with Embassy of Japan in Vilnius invite to the lecture by professor of Keio University Motohiro Tsuchiya "Japan's Response to Cyber Threats". 

This talk will review famous cyber incidents in East Asia and consider possible ways to defend us and to contribute to the peace and security of Asia Pacific region.

TSPMI Eastern European and Russian studies. Join the hub of Eastern Europe experts!
TSPMI Presentation of the book “NATO: Rethink Realign React. Tackling Security Challenges Together”
TSPMI Conference "Statehood and its Discontents: Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia" June 15-18

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In the eyes of others

Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Mr. Andrius Kubilius

You have exhibited great skills of policy analysis - the policy we implement in Lithuania as well as the ones other countires implement worldwide. You know how to analyse it. You do it critically and this is distinctly good. 

Congratulatory speach at the IIRPS 18th anniversary
February 9 th, 2010


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